Ben Neikirk Music

Upcoming Shows


Saturday the 22nd, Eisenhower Elementary Fundraiser, w/ Seven Feathers

Wednesday the 26th, Prairie House

Friday the 28th, Legend

Saturday the 29th, George's Pub


Thursday the 5th, Riffs at the Hard Rock Casino

Friday the 6th, Franciscan Villa

Friday the 13th, Margaritaville, w/ The Nightly Dues

Saturday the 14th, Franciscan Villa

Wednesday the 18th, Mother Road Market, w/ Seven Feathers

Saturday the 21st, George's Pub

Wednesday the 25th, Prairie House

Thursday the 26th, Aberdeen

Friday the 27th, Legend


Friday the 3rd, Franciscan Villa

Saturday the 4th, Cherry Street Farmer's Market

Saturday the 4th, Sharpe House Private Event, Checotah, w/ Trio

Friday the 10th, Summit Club, w/ Steve Liddell

Saturday the 11th, Franciscan Villa

Saturday the 18th, Los Cabos Owasso, w/ Steve Liddell

Wednesday the 22nd, Prairie House

Friday the 24th, Legend

Saturday the 25th, Private House Event


Friday the 1st, Franciscan Villa

Friday the 1st, Margaritaville, w/ The Nightly Dues

Thursday the 7th, Riffs at the Hard Rock Casino

Saturday the 9th, Electric Lime Gala, w/ The Pickup Band

Friday the 15th, Summit Club, w/ Steve Liddell