Ben Neikirk Music

Ben Neikirk is a Tulsa-based singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who encompasses many musical styles including: Blues, Rock, Jazz, R&B, Soul and Country.

Ben was introduced to the Tulsa scene in the early 2000’s with the formation of the band Taming Enos. He has played with several other acts including Steve Liddell Band, Velvet Jones and The Pickled Swans, and The 66, who released their first album, The Lonely EP in March of 2015.

Ben is currently writing songs and recording with the Tulsa band Seven Feathers, featuring fellow singer/songwriter Chloe Johns, Nick Karlovich and Bryan Lutherbeck.

Ben heads up The Ben Neikirk Band and also performs with Eric Himan as The Nightly Dues. Additionally, Ben can be found playing weekly solo acoustic gigs around the Tulsa area.

He is available to play private events and offers options from solo acoustic to duo, trio or full electric band.


[email protected]